Things have Changed: How to Make Sure Your Child Doesn’t Fall Behind

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The year 2020 has changed the way the United States looks both for both the young and the more seasoned. Across the country some students are learning in their classrooms, some part time and some full time.  Other students are learning virtually only.

Parents are trying to ensure that their child is still learning, emotionally doing well, and still staying active and healthy all while trying work. Although the country looks different, these concerns of parents are not any different than the concerns parents have had for decades.  

Although we all may be tired of the virtual living we have been engaged in, there is still a fun and amazing opportunity for students to learn the necessary skills while excelling beyond their peers.  

Young people must learn to balance every aspect of their life. When we choose not to neglect each area of our life, we feel more success, less stress, and anxiety.  But going a step further, when we focus on find our balance for the moment, we achieve greater enjoyment out of life, those around us, and the resources we are blessed with.  

To ensure that your child doesn’t fall behind during this unusual time take the following steps:

  1. Challenge them to set short and long term goals in each area of their life: Spiritual, Education, Health & Fitness, Hobbies & Recreation, Finance & Wealth, Social, Contribution, Family, Business & Career, Love, & Self Image. 
  2. Share your short term and long term goals in each area of your life with your child. If you are struggling with this please be sure to get in touch with a life coach.  A life coach can help you set, plan, and encourage you to execute your goals. 
  3. Seek to find education and guidance for your student in each of these areas to support and develop their goals.  

Restoring HOPE is an amazing program that will help your 6th to 12th grade student move learn the essential life skills in each area of their life, while building a strong community of other students, and support system of mentors to help them move forward.  Getting your child started is easy just visit our registration page.