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Restoring HOPE is an organization for middle and high school students teaching them life skills such as using a planner, checking the oil in a vehicle, sewing on a button, fueling the body with food, securing the eight streams of income, developing a career plan, communicating with an adult, utilizing etiquette, and many more. Our mission is to teach practical life skills to create high school graduates who understand that spirituality is at the core of life and who have a working knowledge of the following areas to create an outstanding self-image: business & career, health and fitness, love, social, contribution, education, finance and wealth, hobbies and recreation, and family.


Restoring HOPE aims to ensure academic excellence, while providing learning that develops skills and supplies meaningful experiences for life-long application, mentors for accountability and example with the focus of creating productive and contributing members of our community and leaders for tomorrow.

Snapshot of How Program Works

Restoring HOPE meets once a week for middle and high school students beginning in September and wrapping up in July.

Each session is one 50 minutes to an hour and can be participated in live or by recording.

Lesson Itinerary

  • 2 min – Prayer
  • 3 min – Introduction of the Program & Lesson, plus instructions
  • 20 min – Recorded Lesson
  • 5 min – Question and Answer
  • 15 min – Activity
  • 5 min – Home Application & Portfolio
  • 5 min – Next steps

Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Annual Conference the first week of August.


What your student will be doing

  • Learn – through our weekly lessons
  • Apply – through Home Implementation Activities
  • Capitalize – through Portfolio Builders