Restoring HOPE is here to support you in ensuring that your middle and high school student is set up for success!


Is your student college bound. Get them involved with Restoring HOPE, early. Not only will we assist your student in developing leadership skills, getting practical skills to excel in life, but we will also encourage your student to submit scholarship applications.

Practical Skills

Restoring HOPE specializes in teaching your student life skills. We teach your child how to change a tire, maintain good health through diet and exercise, earn money both actively and passively, spend responsibly and save to build a fortune, and much, much more. We will teach your student information that many of us don’t learn until we are adults and generally about trial and error.

Avoiding Common Youthful Mistakes

We have all done things that we wish we could change. Not taken out so many cards during college, started saving for retirement earlier, choose better food options to keep our weight under control, started that business you have dreamed about, etc. as a student in Restoring HOPE not only will your student learn about these topics, but we also provide activities and portfolio assignments to propel your student into action.

Partnering in the Development of Your Student

Restoring HOPE will be your partner to train your student up in the way it should go. We understand that you have dreams for your child and that each day you are trying to balance it all. What we also know of that there are things that you too didn’t learn that could have made your future better. But today by registering your student in Restoring HOPE you are allowing us to partner with you in changing your next generation.

Together we will restore the Happiness, Opportunity, Prosperity, and Enthusiasm in your child and legacy.