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Restoring HOPE is all about you.  Join us now if you are interest in any of the following:

Support for your dreams and goals

A key component of Restoring HOPE is providing you information to define and develop your goals. Plus, mentors are waiting to help you along the way.

Stand Out Among your Peers

As you continue through the program you will know how to do more than others your age. Whether it is about making money, cooking, looking and feeling your best, Restoring HOPE will give you information to excel and standout. 

Scholarship Opportunities

The more you complete the greater your scholarship chances, regardless of whether you are going to trade school, technical school, or college.    

Community of your Peers

Looking to connect with more students who think, believe, and achieve like you.  Meet and make new friends through your online community. 

Say so in where we go next: Leadership Opportunity & Development

This is not the typical organization created and implemented by adults.  You have the opportunity to join the student leadership of the organization and have your opinions be heard about programming, paraphernalia and events.