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Today Restoring HOPE is offering Student Access Virtual Learning & Community in the 2021 to 2022 school year tailored to students in the 6th through 12th grades. 


The future of Restoring HOPE will not be the same without you and we have a lot in the works to make your experience complete and superb.


Restoring HOPE is seeking partnerships to give students access to book stipends, tuition only, and tuition and room and board scholarships for students who complete various levels of Restoring HOPE programming. A portion of financial commitments made to the Restoring HOPE organization goes to the furtherance of this goal. 


As students progress through the virtual learning platform, Restoring HOPE is fine tuning and packaging materials to support the launch of Restoring HOPE Branches in communities across America. A facilitator or a partnering group of facilitators will be supported and empowered by the Restoring HOPE team to put on Restoring HOPE learning in the comfort of their community.  We will guide Facilitators in bringing in Guest Speakers and mentors to further build a community around their students. 


Annual Conference – Each year there will be an annual conference for students, restoring HOPE parents and facilitators.  Students will have the opportunity to showcase their portfolios built during their acquisition of knowledge during 

Restoring HOPE workshops while getting excellent in depth workshops by leaders in their industry.  Facilitators too will have amazing workshops that will be help them build and support their branches, networking opportunities with other branch facilitators and time to voice your desires for future programs. Finally, parents will not be left out of the Annual Conference.  Restoring HOPE is designed to help students make the right decisions for their life early in life.  Parents will have workshops to help them fully understand what their students have spent the year learning, voice their beliefs as to what they wan to ensure their students learn, and finally meet with professionals (e.g. nutritionists, trainers, financial coaches, life coaches) to help correct and advanced their lives. 

Regional Meetups – When there are other branches in your area, Restoring HOPE will help arrange a meetup to help you tailor your programs to the concerns of your area. 


Portfolio – As students complete various lessons in their Restoring HOPE program they will have the option to complete Portfolio Building Assignments.  These portfolios will help the students build business, bank acccounts, retirement accounts, and more.  These same portfolios will be used as their scholarship application when scholarships become available.  

Mr. & Ms. HOPE Showcase – Students will the have the opportunity to showcase their portfolios and other public speaking and business skills during a live presentation.   At the conclusion of the event, one male and one female student will be named Mr. & Ms. HOPE and will be the face of Restoring HOPE program for the following year. 

Student Government – As each grade level fills, students will establish student governments both in the local branch, regions, and on a national level to mimic the way our local, state, and federal governments are set up.  Students involved in the National Student Government will have the opportunity to really voice their opinions in programming, paraphernalia and events.

Paraphernalia – Graduation stoles, lapel pins, padfolios, planners, Bibles, t-shirts and more.


Restoring HOPE Management Team is the Core Team executing all of the programming that is listed above. Although part time and unpaid positions at this time, hope that the growth of the organization will allow each of these servants to be paid.  To learn more and submit an application please contact the Corporate Office. 

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Public Relations Correspondent
  • Inventory & Sales Manager

Academic Council

The Advisory Council is a large component of our organization as these are the experts, we will lean on to develop the curriculum. These are unpaid volunteers who will report directly to the Vice President of Restoring HOPE. Their assistance with the curriculum will allow them priority as speakers for our conference with the ability to market their business and exposure to new customers around the country.

Below are the areas of life and the types of professions, we would be looking for to serve as a member of the Advisory Council.  Please note that the professions listed are merely a suggestion.  To learn more and submit an application please contact the Corporate Office. 

  • Business & Career – Business owner, business strategist and coaches
  • Health & Fitness – Personal trainer, dietician, nutritionist
  • Finance & Wealth – Financial certification
  • Love –  Minister
  • Family –  Psychiatrist
  • Social – Counselor, influencer
  • Hobbies & Recreation – Special guests
  • Education –  Teacher, School Counselor
  • Contribution – Special guests
  • Personal Growth – Life Coach
  • Spiritual – minister, deacon, 


Mentors play a vital role in the development of our children. Mentors are also great tools as curriculum or workshop facilitators.  Restoring HOPE will build a database of individuals who are interested in being mentors to HOPE students. If you are interested in mentoring, please see the SOU.