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As with any education your participation only helps your child advance further in the curriculum. Students participating in Restoring HOPE will not only have lessons within their classroom environment, they will have home application assignments that you can help you can support them in as well as your older students will be building a portfolio. As a parent you may also choose to attend the annual Hope Fulfilled conference, where you can learn more about supporting your student and brush up on life skills for your own life.

Churches, After-school or latch-key programs, schools, et cetera.

You do not need to have any expertise to teach workshops to your students. As a matter of fact a large part of what you receive when establishing a branch is your Facilitators Guide full of thorough foundational lessons that you can teach from.

Restoring HOPE will provide you with a full guide that will assist you with establishing and and facilitating your Restoring HOPE branch. You will also have a database of information at your fingertips.

Restoring HOPE is accepting students who are in the 6th to 12th grade both male and female.

There are two ways to get involved. First, each individual child can be a member directly with headquarters. To do so click this link to register your child for the program. The second option is to get a small organizing group together and purchase the materials to create your own Restoring HOPE Chapter and community around your students.

Each lesson is 50 minutes long and typically follows this format:

  • 2 min – Prayer
  • 3 min – Introduction of the Program & Lesson, plus instructions
  • 20 min – Recorded Lesson
  • 5 min – Question and Answer
  • 15 min – Activity
  • 5 min – Home Application & Portfolio
  • 5 min – Next steps