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As a facilitator you are the lifeline that that established a Restoring HOPE Community on the ground in your city! 

Restoring HOPE appreciates you and your dedication to the develop of our students. 

Restoring Hope will support you with:

  • Well outlined materials to deliver an excellent program
  • Events to help you take your branch to the next level
  • Guides and manuals to help make your branch run effected and effectively
  • And material to promote and grow your branch to reach and develop your students

To be the best facilitator you can

  • You may want a team or leadership support. 
  • You should participate with and engage in Restoring HOPE Facilitator Programming
  • Submit your successes to Restoring HOPE so we can help you beat on your success and identify areas of further opportunity. 
  • Exhibit high moral and ethical standards

We are a team because our children are the future and we both acknowledge that we must help them develop to continue to progress. 

Prospective Facilitators

Are you looking for a comprehensive program that will take your students to the next level, prepare them for adulthood and letting them excel amongst their peers. 

Bring Restoring HOPE to your community by establishing a branch in your church, school, after school program, et cetera. The process is simple and the impact is significant. 

To get started you simply complete the Registration.  After that you will receive the support and guidance of the Restoring HOPE team.  Restoring HOPE will provide you with detailed outlines for each lesson for you as the facilitator as well as a student version.  You personally do not have to have knowledge to teach the students because Restoring HOPE will package it and deliver it to you. 

Plus Restoring HOPE will provide you resources on how to bring in partners to facilitate and mentor your students. 


Not Ready to Start a Restoring HOPE Branch but want your students to still have the opportunity to Participate?

Restoring HOPE offers a virtual platform for all students.  The virtual platform gives students access to live and recorded lessons, other restoring HOPE members,  and additional resources.  

Students affiliated with a branch and those who are direct members through Restoring HOPE ‘s virtual platform benefit immensely by having the independence of accessing our wage learning environment. 

Register your student today.