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Title Cardio
Scripture Being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might, so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks for the Father, whi has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holu people in the the kingdowm of light Collossians 1: 11-12


Why cardio is important?

How much you need.

Cardio options

Materials Needed Bodyweight, Jump Rope, Running Shoes

(15-25 minutes)

Cardio exercises are also responsible for a good respiratory system and heart condition. They strengthen the heart and also aids in lowering one’s blood pressure. They also increase the red blood cells count to mobilize oxygen within the body. Other benefits of cardio vascular exercises are included below.

-Increase in endurance

-Contributes to good mental state of mind and healthy skin

-Burns calories quickly

-Increases blood flow to the muscles

-Lowers heart resting rate

-Improves body metabolism

-Improves overall appearance

Cardio workouts can contribute to all your fitness goals. The benefits of cardio workouts are abundant, and they can contribute a lot in improving the quality of your life. If you haven’t started as yet, then this is the time to get savvy with cardio workouts. Making cardio vascular workout a part and parcel of your life would be a great way to stay fit and healthy for long. In this demanding era, life is almost incomplete without it.

Activity Start with 1 mile walk/run

Complete the following in circuit for 3 rounds

Jumping Jacks -50

Jumping Rope – 100

High Knees- 50

Mountain Climbers- 50

Jump squarts- 30


Let’s do it

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Developer & Short Bio Tarena Terry


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