Restoring H.O.P.E. is a youth program ran by parents, schools, churches, latch key facilities and community organizations to teach middle and high school students the life skills required to reach their full potential early. Through life skills training and mentors Restoring HOPE, gives the community happiness, opportunities, prosperity, and enthusiasm.

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What Is Different About Our Program?

Simply put, our program is unique! Unlike any other after school program, Restoring HOPE contains Christian influences, with practical real life skills, and fosters a village around each student.

Why Choose Our Program?

Restoring HOPE is  geared to supporting parents by teaching skills that used to be taught in the home and  adding new information that we have learned are the keys to success. For students,  Restoring HOPE is not just another lecture, but actual skills and activities they will be  exposed to, experiment with, and excel in.

Who Is Our Student?

Restoring HOPE is for EVERY American middle and high school student. Not only do we cater to those students in impoverished areas and residing in single parent households, but we also reach to the most elite of students bringing a sense of balance. This is apart of our formula – bridging the gap in only a way Restoring HOPE can do.

Students are in each grade between 6th and 12th grade.
Of Americans go to church or worship service once a month.
Of children in the US live in families with low income.
We hope to have 10,000 student participants by 2030.

Students of the Future

This is not the typical organization created and implemented by adults.  You (our students) have the opportunity to join the student leadership of the organization and have your opinions be heard about programming, paraphernalia and events.

Our Leadership Program

The programs at Restoring HOPE helped me as as single mother provide for my son in ways I would not have been able to if I didn’t have them.

Dalia Nichols
Mom of High School Senior

I can finally say that I feel confident with my math classes. Restoring HOPE has helped me overcome my fear of numbers and I have made new friends.

Jayla Juarez
High School Freshman

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The Students of Restoring HOPE are our future… sponsor a student membership whether for one month or an annual membership.